Fairfax Pickleball League- Highway 151 League

There is no doubt that pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, both professionally and for the weekend warrior. Pickleball facilities are popping up all over. Future development in Fairfax includes more pickleball courts. In the meantime, Fairfax has two pickleball courts that are available for leagues and reservations at 700 Linn St Fairfax, IA.

The Fairfax Parks & Rec Department, in partnership with the Walford Parks Department, offers several FREE pickleball leagues. There are Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Saturday morning leagues. Players may sign up for one, two, or all three leagues, whatever fits their schedule. This is a partner league. You can sign up with a partner or sign up individually and I will assign a partner when I create the schedule. It’s easy to sign up. The registration link is below. There are two league sessions, on Tuesdays from May 7 – July 23, Wednesdays from May 8 – July 24, and Saturdays from May 11 – July 27. There is also a four-week fall session that is offered. More information on that league TBD. All games are played at the Fairfax City Park, 700 Linn St, Fairfax or Walford pickleball court.

The tennis/ pickleball court is available outside of league times as well. Click here to make your reservation.

For more information, please contact Joe Kell @ jkell@cityoffairfax.org.


The 2024 registration is closed. Please contact Joe @ jkell@cityoffairfax.org for more information.

2024 spring/ summer pickleball schedule

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