Welcome Packet Program

We are accepting enrollment forms for the 2024 Welcome Packet Partner Program. There are 3 levels:

     Level I - FREE; Level II - $75.00; Level III - $200.00

The success of this program is solely based on local businesses showing support through donations of promotional business items, coupons, literature, and the participation fee.

This program is a wonderful way to get your business information out to the community.

Click here for the 2024 Enrollment Form.


Included in our Welcome Packet is a directory for residents (new and old) to browse if looking for something. The directory is a GREAT way to advertise your business and for everyone to shop local. This is FREE! Give Tina a call at 319-846-2204 ext #3 if you would like to advertise in the directory. Please click on the link below to start browsing local businesses. (advertising in the directory can be done at any time of the year).

 Fairfax Directory 2024