2023 "Trunk or Treat" at the Trail

The 11th Annual Trunk or Treat at the Trail was Spooktacular

It was a BOO-tiful day for Halloween festivities! On Saturday, October 21st, the Fairfax Civic Coalition hosted the 11th

annual Trunk or Treat at the Trail. There were nearly 500 kids dressed to impress in their favorite costumes. They enjoyed the walk around the trail visiting the 17 spots that were handing out goodies and were excited for the reward of hot chocolate and popcorn at the end. A huge thank you to the participants (FYSA, Fairfax American Legion, Fairfax Library, Fairfax Lions Club, Fairfax Fire Department, Fairfax Parks Committee, Fairfax Society of Rocketry, Fairfax Sons of the American Legion, Katie Crespo, Tanya & Denny Heintz, Kate Pacha, Felicia & Justin VanDee, Staci & Dan Wozniak, Cassill Motors – Greg Hastings, Prairie Creek Dental – Katie Mathis, Sunrise Nutrition – Kerrie Kolsto, Waln Repair & Collision Center – Emily & Mike Daly) who volunteered their trunks, time and treats for the kids and the community!