Don Young Memorial Rock

Progession of the rock in pictures 

Don Young Memorial Rock at The Complex

It took a lot of coordination, but the Don Young Memorial Rock is finally home.

When Kenway Excavating found this humongous boulder they had no idea what to do with it except to keep it.  It’s not every day you come across something like this.  When Donna Young wanted to do something to memorialize her late husband, Don, she had no idea where to start.  Somehow the excavating company and Donna found each other at the right time and the idea was born.  When Donna presented the idea to Charlie Fisher and Pat Zamastil of Kenway it was a no brainer.  The company was more than willing to donate the boulder to the memory of a dear friend.  But now what?  

That’s when Donna went to work and enlisted the help of Bubba Sorensen, the painter of the Freedom Rocks all over Iowa.  But then COVID–19 happened.  And then a Derecho!  And anything else that could delay the project.  Finally, the Memorial Rock is home at The Fairfax Complex and Mr. Sorensen transformed the boulder into the Don Young Memorial Rock. The transformation was completed in 2022 and was finished in about 10 days after he started. You can view and admire the Don Young Memorial Rock located next to the splash pad. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THE MEMORIAL AND ONLY ADMIRE THE ROCK, DO NOT CLIMB ON IT!