City of Fairfax Staff

The City of Fairfax employees twelve full-time and usually about seven year-round  part-time people to run the daily operations of the municipal government.  If you want to apply for a position, you may inquire about possible openings at Fairfax City Hall.

Here is a listing of the current staff members working for the City of Fairfax:

Library Staff - 319-846-2994

  • Cathy Bayne, Library Director
  • Beth Wilz, Assistant Librarian
  • Joel Barnhart, Assistant Librarian
  • Kathleen Patterson, Assistant Librarian
  • Jackie Stallman, Assistant Librarian
  • Janet Volesky, Custodian

City Hall Staff - 319-846-2204
  • Cynthia Stimson, City Clerk/Treasurer - 
  • Chris Philipp, Building Administrator/Inspector and ADA Coordinator -
  • Joe Kell, Parks and Recreation Director -
  • Tina Rosekrans, Deputy City Clerk/Treasurer, Office Administrator -
  • Staci Klinefelter, Deputy City Clerk, Utility Clerk -

Public Works - 319-846-2204
  • Lynn Miller, Public Works Supervisor -
  • Brian Merta, Water and Wastewater Supervisor -
  • Brandon Lefebure, Public Works I -
  • Dallas Chandler, Public Works I -
  • Leif Stensland, Public Works I -
  • Eric Von Sprecken, Public Works I
  • Jaden Eiselstein, Part-time Maintenance
  • Teagan Merta, Part-time Maintenance